Take A Deep Breath

03 Jul


When everything seems like it overwhelming and your about to explode Just Stop And Take A Deep Breath.

After the company I worked for went under and it seems my whole world is falling apart around me, as with anyone in this position, my stress levels have gone way up. Whenever I feel like I just can’t handle things I have to step away from everything and just sit and breath deeply.

Occasional stress in our lives is normal and even good for us, yes I said stress is good. People think stress is bad and constant daily high stress levels are bad but occasional stress helps to remind us of how amazing things are when we aren’t stressed. We all know someone that seems to “have it so good” but do you think that if something happen that they were stressed out about not knowing if they would be able to afford food for the next week that they would really appreciate that steak dinner they just ate (and found a way to complain about it).

The good news is that we have complete control over our stress, it does sneak up on us from time to time but when stress does show it’s ugly face we have to choose to cast it away.

First, you have to acknowledge the fact that being stressed about something will have No Positive Effect on the outcome of any situation. Having stress only causes you to become more stressed than that causes more stress and……do I need to continue.
Second, you have to find out what decreases your stress level. You will need something that immediately lowers stress right now and something that has a longer lasting effect. These stress relievers are different for every person and you will have to find what works for you.
Third, you must do what is needed to get out of the situation that has caused you to feel stressed. No matter what your stress relief methods are they will never be able to overcome the constant bombardment from stress causing events or objects only the complete removal of the things that cause you stress will truly stop the stress.

As a side not to the Third step – some stresses are well worth the pain and suffering. Take for example, having kids, yes they are a pain and yes it is very stressful but They Are More Than Worth It ! ! !


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